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QCD Meets Gravity 2018

10th December 2018   -   14th December 2018
Stockholm, Sweden


Gauge theory and general relativity are the two modern frameworks that describe the interactions of fundamental spin-1 (gluon) and spin-2 (graviton) particles, respectively. Despite significant historical differences in how these theories were developed, recent results show that these frameworks are intimately connected. Scattering amplitudes provide an excellent theoretical laboratory to expose this connection; string theory gave us the KLT relations between tree-level amplitudes in these theories, and more recently the BCJ formalism has provided us with a general mechanism for viewing gravitons as double copies of gluons. This new perspective on gravity has been successfully used in studies of ultraviolet divergences of supergravity, and there is a growing expectation it can be used, in conjunction with methods from QCD phenomenology, to advance analytical calculations of gravitational waves generated by mergers of binary black holes and neutron stars. The goal of this workshop is to bring together in a collaborative environment world experts on ideas and methods relevant to the double-copy dictionary between gauge and gravity perturbative predictions. The workshop will be equally split between self-directed activities between the participants and formal talks from a subset of the invited researchers. There will be opportunities to create and participate in informal working groups on a number of key problems during the workshop. Topics expected to be covered by the workshop include: amplitudes in supersymmetric gauge theory and gravity, classical solutions and perturbation theory in gravity, effective potentials and gravitational waves, higher-loop QCD, supergravity UV divergences, gravitational symmetries, string amplitudes, on-shell diagrams and the amplituhedron, twistor strings, polylogarithms, color-kinematics duality and the double copy, and more.