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Gordon Research Conference — Interior of the Earth

2nd June 2019 - 7th June 2019
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, United States


The meeting will explore the connections between Earth’s surface and interior. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that materials originally at or near Earth’s surface have been recycled into the deep Earth and then may reappear at the surface. The meeting will explore recycling through geophysical, geochemical, and geological observables, as well as modeling and mass balance considerations, focusing on processes and outcomes of recycling, and how these may have varied through Earth history. Perspectives on Earth will be gained via comparison to other terrestrial planets. The conference will consist of multidisciplinary sessions that examine Earth recycling through space and time. Cutting-edge research findings will be presented on these topics from a broad suite of disciplines, defining the most pressing questions about planetary interiors and their connections to the surface and how recycling processes have changed over Earth history. The GRC Earth Interior meetings provide an intimate setting (~150 participants) in which to explore the most interesting topics of the day from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Invited oral contributions will be followed by stimulating discussion sessions. Participation of junior scientists (graduate students and postdocs) is particularly encouraged; a preceding GRS is expected to draw 50-70 participants who are expected to stay for the GRC. Both the GRS and GRC will include vibrant and interactive poster sessions where participants present their most recent scientific discoveries. Unscheduled afternoons allow for free interactions between participants at all career stages. GRCs present a great opportunity to start cross-disciplinary collaborations and to learn about the most recent findings in neighboring fields.

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