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Electric Field Assisted Sintering and Related Phenomena Far From Equilibrium

6th March 2016 - 11th March 2016
TOMAR, Portugal


Electrical fields and currents can induce unusual effects: (i) Spark-plasma-sintering is used to create unusual microstructures;flash-sintering is leading to a new paradigm for ceramics manufacturing, and superplastic flow in oxides has been shown to be remarkably enhanced by electrical fields. (ii) Electrochemical currents can produce large strains and stresses in Li+ batteries that undermine their performance. (iii) Unexpected phase transformations and electroluminescence has been seen in an activated state in ceramics that is sustained under electrical fields at high temperatures. (iv) Atomic level forces when coupled with an electric field have been seen to induce structural changes on surfaces. The objective of this week–long, discussion oriented conference is to pull together scientists interested in these phenomena to assess the state-of-the-art and chart the future. Diversity of opinions and concepts are welcome.

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