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Gordon Research Conference — Atherosclerosis

16th June 2019   -   21st June 2019
Newry, ME, United States


This GRC on Atherosclerosis has been meeting for over 45 years! Over the past four decades, we have learned that atherosclerosis is a complex disease consisting of inflammatory, autoimmune, lipid, and vascular biology components. In this 2019 GRC, we want to take a fresh new look at each of these disease components. We plan to discuss and question the current dogmas about atherosclerotic disease progression, learn about new molecules and new cellular pathways that mechanistically play a role in atherosclerosis development, discuss how to utilize new high dimensional methods to study cellular and molecular components of the atherosclerotic plaque, and identify and discuss new clinical targets – all with the goals to treat, and ultimately prevent, atherosclerosis. Sessions on vascular biology, dyslipidemia, innate and adaptive immunity, noncoding RNAs, and novel therapies have been planned. Please join us in Sunday River, Maine in June 2019 to learn more on molecular and cellular insights and therapeutic approaches in atherosclerosis!

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