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EMBO Workshop — Proteostasis: From organelles to organisms

15th November 2019   -   19th November 2019
Ericeira, Portugal


Proteostasis refers to the mechanisms controlling the biogenesis, trafficking and degradation of proteins in cells. Proteostasis impacts on all cellular processes. Imbalances in protein homeostasis may lead to the accumulation/aggregation of misfolded proteins, trigger stress responses, or excessive protein degradation. Proteostasis defects lie at the heart of many human diseases. This fast moving and diverse field spans a variety of research approaches involving different model organisms (yeast, invertebrates or mammalian systems) and different methodologies (genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, structural biology, organismal biology). The goal of this workshop is to unite expertise from these different disciplines and to discuss recent developments in the field. The sessions will cover: protein biogenesis, protein aggregation, misfolded protein degradation, regulation of proteostasis; proteostasis in organelles, including the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the endolysosomal network; proteostasis in chronic diseases & ageing. The meeting aims to integrate all approaches to the understanding of proteostasis, from the molecular to organismal level.