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ESPGHAN Monothematic Conference Hepatology: Acute Liver Failure 2020

30th January 2020   -   1st February 2020
Athens, Greece


Knowledge in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of several liver diseases of has increased in the past decades. However, management of acute liver failure (ALF) in infants and children and investigation of its causes remains perplexing in clinical practice. The Hepatology Committee of ESPGHAN has decided to organize a three-day Monothematic Conference in order to share the latest expertise on the diagnosis and management of ALF in the pediatric age group. Specifically, the epidemiology, the clinical presentation of ALF and its causes in all pediatric age groups will be discussed providing clinical tips for suspicion of underlying metabolic liver disease. The role of liver biopsy and molecular testing will be discussed, as well as the criteria for transfer to a tertiary care center. Management of complications such as hepatic encephalopathy, coagulopathy, ascites and renal disease will be discussed in one session. Another session, will concentrate on nutrition support, the role of artificial liver/kidney support devices and the indications of liver transplantation in each setting. Future research goals, and present clinical dilemmas in the diagnosis and management of ALF, will be discussed, by a panel of experienced hepatologists. We expect to attract gastroenterologists and hepatologists for pediatric and for adult patients, pediatric and hepatobiliary surgeons, from Europe and around the world and to encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

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