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The 7th EAFES International Congress

19th April 2016   -   22nd April 2016
Daegu, South Korea


Since the first EAFES International Congress was held in Mokpo, Korea, in 2004, the EAFES Congress has fostered and become one of the most important meetings in the ecological field. The Ecological Societies of China, Japan, and Korea collaboratively established the EAFES (The East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies). The three Societies take turns organizing the joint meeting (EAFES Congress) at least once in 2 years that has greatly contributed to developing the ecological science and society in the Asian region. The EAFES also welcome the participation of ecologists from other countries in East Asia, being happy to expand our federation into a wider region. The 7th EAFES will be a multidisciplinary meeting where ecologists, engineers, scientists and industrial experts in various fields can share and discuss their latest achievements for future breakthroughs in the field.

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