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FASEB's Protein Kinase Signaling Network Regulation

17th July 2016   -   22nd July 2016
Snowmass Village, Colorado, United States


This FASEB Science Research Conference highlights the importance and growing interest in kinases and protein phosphorylation mediated signaling networks in cancer continues unabated, as the successful therapeutic targeting of several kinases (e.g. EGFR, BCR-Abl, EML4-ALK) in the clinic has expanded both the discipline and the pharmaceutical industry. Advances in the protein kinase and protein phosphorylation fields over the last few years have begun to transform our understanding of how signaling regulates cell biological responses.Specific topics include: structural insights on receptor tyrosine kinase regulation, non-catalytic functions of protein kinases, receptor tyrosine kinase cross-talk and the impact on therapeutic development, novel tools developed through protein engineering to monitor and control signaling network activation, and new analytical technologies for quantifying signaling network activation,

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