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FASEB SRC: Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, and One-Carbon Metabolism

7th August 2016   -   12th August 2016
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States


This FASEB Science Research Conference has embraced an integrative philosophy that brings together basic researchers, physician scientists, and policy makers to share cutting edge research and to discuss its ramifications for health at both the personal and population levels. In addition to updates on new findings related to the fundamental biochemistry of folates, B12, and one-carbon metabolism, session topics will focus on the intersection of one-carbon metabolism and lipid metabolism, the emerging roles of factors such as hydrogen sulfide and choline-related metabolites in health, the effects of B vitamin deficiencies and excesses during in utero and post-natal development on adult phenotypes, the influence of one-carbon metabolism on the brain in development and aging, new developments in the area of cancer therapeutics and drug delivery, and the potential impact of excess folic acid exposure on health.

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