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IHF Nutrition - Eating the planet & Food for health

27th October 2016 - 29th October 2016
Stresa - Milan, Italy


Diet plays an increasingly crucial role in any attempt to enjoy a balanced life-style. Food, in fact, plays an essential part in the prevention of certain long-term (chronic) serious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes/metabolic syndrome, stroke, tumors. and other pathologies. This conditions have risen continuously and to a significant degree in recent decades within populations all over the world.The goal of the conference is to analyze this key fact and goes on to in detail the importance of various factors correlated with diet to human healt.Eating and lifestyles contributes to cause or, as opposed, to prevent the onset of some of the most serious and widespread chronic disases; greater efficacy prevention make possible to attain better results overall, in part because prevention work to the benefit of a broader share of the population than does medical treatment (especially in the prevention of obesity and overweight, now considered two of the most critical factors for health). Prevention is one of the chief strategic approaches in the effort to ensure the sustainability of health systems burdened by constantly rising levels of investment and operating costs, as seems to be the case in every nation in the world.

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