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GASP 2016 - 2016 EF White Research conference on Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics

21st November 2016 - 25th November 2016
Canberra, Australia


Galactic Archaeology aims at unveiling the Milky Waya€™s history by studying the fossil record preserved in stellar light. Large surveys are targeting samples of 105 to 106 stars to measure their chemical compositions. Together with distances, ages and 3D velocities, the chemical information will have a revolutionary impact on understanding galaxy formation. Stellar physics combines the observations with theoretical interpretations of the structure of stars. This knowledge is essential to decipher the observed chemical patterns within the Galaxya€™s stellar populations. Major new developments in stellar physics have a direct impact on understanding the observational data. This conference will bring together world-leading experts on Galactic Archaeology and Stellar physics in order to exploit the wealth of information provided by new and on-going surveys of the Galaxy.

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