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2015 - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit

4th October 2015 - 9th October 2015
Antalya, Turkey


The summit honors the 2015 "Musketeers" (Prof. Elias Aifantis - 2015 honoree with Aifantis International Symposium on Multiscale Material Mechanics and Multiphysics and Sustainable Applications; Prof. Heinrich Wilhelm Gudenau - 2015 honoree with Gudenau International Symposium on Sustainable Iron and Steel Making; Prof. Cyro Takano - 2015 honoree with Takano International Symposium on Sustainable Metals & Alloys Processing; Prof. Andrey V. Vaniukov - 2015 honoree (postmortem) with Vaniukov International Symposium on Sustainable Non-ferrous Smelting) of the closed cycle of materials sciences: from mining and mineral processing to metals extraction and processing and development of new materials. It covers 3 sustainability pillars: (1) Science, Technology and Industrial Practice, (2) Political and Social Framework and (3) Education.

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