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2018 ASL North American Annual Meeting

16th May 2018 - 19th May 2018
Macomb, Illinois, United States


The invited speakers include: JC Beall, A. Chernikov, B. Hart, J. Knight, J. Nagloo, D. Sinapova, S. Solecki, and A. Weiermann. Tutorials will be offered by A. Marks and T. Slaman. The special sessions planned (with organizers in parentheses) include: Computability (L. Bienvenu and K. Lange), Logic and Philosophy (C. Franks), Model Theory (J. Freitag and J. Marikova), Proof Theory (H. Towsner), and Set Theory (D. Sinapova and A. Tserunyan). The members of the Program Committee include: T. Carlson, B. Csima, T. Eisworth, M. Glanzberg, I. Kalantari, D. Marker (Chair), and M. Soskova. The members of the Local Organizing Committee are: J. Chisholm, R. Dimitrov, C. Ealy, D. Haugen, I. Kalantari (Chair), D. LaFountain, J. Mv aríková, S. Martinelli, M. Moniri, G. Pettit, B. Powell, C. Pynes, N. Vakil, G. Weitkamp, and L. Welch.

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