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Alpine Cosmology Workshop 2018

16th July 2018 - 16th July 2018
Val Vogna, Italy


The concept of the workshop is to combine a scientific part, in which each participant delivers a review on their topic with a group activity in which every participant is engaged. To this end we have selected to conduct the workshop at several huts located in the Alps, connected by hiking trails. Each day has approximately 6 hours of the workshop and 6 hours of hiking, during which the participants usually continue the discussion of the scientific topics and establish new collaborations. The no escape principle, and no contact to outside (poor cell-phone reception is however available), possible during the workshop, are unique attributes of the conference and allow participants to concentrate entirely on the subject of the conference, which includes: - Theoretical and observational cosmology - Physics of galaxy clusters - Coevolution of galaxies and black holes - Environmental effects in galaxy formation - Gravitational waves

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