11th International Workshop on Subsecond Thermophysics

21st June 2016   -   24th June 2016
Cracow, Poland


The 11 th International Workshop on Subsecond Thermophysics aims to provide a forum for academia, industry and government laboratories to exchange knowledge, experience and latest developments in experimental, theoretical, simulation, and applied aspects of the thermophysical behavior of matter in the millisecond to picosecond time regimes. Among others, it will include: rapid resistive or inductive heating (volume),, pulsed laser heating (surface),, levitation techniques.. The emphasis will be on the developments of experimental techniques in the area of subsecond thermophysics to measure the materials thermophysical properties at high temperatures and to study the behavior of matter under conditions near and far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Papers presented at the 11 th International Workshop on Subsecond Thermophysics will be reviewed and those accepted will appear in a special issue of the journal High Temperatures-High Pressures  published by Old City Publishing, Inc.

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