Germline Stem Cells Conference
Date :
19th June 2016   -   21st June 2016
Location :
San Francisco, United States
Abstract :
Germline stem cells represent a uniquely critical type of stem cell that is essential for fertility and propagation of the species. The topic of germline stem cells has become an active area of study both in mammalian systems and in non-mammalian model systems including flies, worms and fish. Areas of current investigation include the origin and specification of germline stem cells during development, programming of the epigenome in germline stem cells to facilitate subsequent gametogenesis and post-fertilization embryonic development, mechanisms regulating the balance between self renewal and differentiation among progeny of germline stem cells, and the susceptibility of germline cells to environmentally induced disruptions that can affect fertility and/or disease states in subsequent generations. As this meeting will focus on topics at the intersections of these fields, it will include aspects of direct interest to many attendees of the ISSCR meeting, but will extend these topics in a targeted and synergistic manner to the areas of germline development, reproduction, and epigenetic programming.
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