IV - Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
Date :
19th June 2016   -   22nd June 2017
Location :
Gothenburg, Sweden
Abstract :
Researchers, engineers, practitioners, and students, from industry, universities and government agencies are invited to present their latest work and to discuss research and applications for Intelligent Vehicles and Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation. Technical sessions, workshops, poster sessions, exhibition, and technical visits will be organised. Topics: - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Automated Vehicles - Vehicular Safety, Active and Passive - Vehicle Environment Perception - Driver State and Intent Recognition - Eco-driving and Energy-Efficient Vehicles - Impact on Traffic Flows - Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems - Collision Avoidance - Pedestrian Protection - V2I / V2V Communication - Proximity Detection Technology - Assistive Mobility Systems - Proximity Awareness Technology - Intelligent Ground, Air and Space Vehicles - Autonomous / Intelligent Robotic Vehicles - Image, Radar, Lidar Signal Processing - Information Fusion - Vehicle Control - Telematics  Human Factors and HMI  Electric and Hybrid Technologies  Novel Interfaces and Displays  Intelligent Vehicle Software Infrastructure
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