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EUC — International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing

21st October 2015 - 23rd October 2015
Porto, Portugal


Embedded and ubiquitous computing is an exciting paradigm that promises to provide computing and communication services to the end users all the time and everywhere. Its systems are now invading in every aspect of our daily life and promise to revolutionize our life much more profoundly than elevators, electric motors or even personal computer evolution ever did. The emergence of this technology is a natural outcome of research and technological advances in a variety of areas including embedded systems, pervasive computing and communications, wireless networks, mobile computing, distributed computing and agent technologies.  Authors are invited to submit original contributions in English on a wide variety of topics on the following tracks: - Hardware architectures and design tools - Software for embedded and ubiquitous computing - Cyber-physical systems - Power/energy-aware and green embedded and ubiquitous computing - Adaptive and context-aware computing - Mobile systems and social media - Security, safety and reliability/dependability - Parallel and distributed systems - Applications for embedded and ubiquitous computing - PhD Forum

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