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MAMI 2015 — International Conference on Man and Machine Interfacing

17th December 2015 - 19th December 2015
Bhubaneswar, India


We do agree that machines are an integral part of today’s human society. Apart from the debates on the slavery of machines, we put our life into virtual or quite literal hands of machines. In day today life machines are making life-or-death decisions for us. Leading a smart life creates a need of intelligent machines as well as the easy interfacing thereof. The biggest problem is dealing with these smart machines in the real world. This motivates us to study atoms on the micro and the cosmos in the macro. This conference covers the whole spectrum of theory and practice of man-machine interfacing, focusing on intelligent communication system, evolving hardware designing, automatic knowledge acquisition & processing employed in decision support systems, constantly evolving computational techniques, specialized user interfaces accessible also for disabled, and artificial intelligence methods applied in such areas as computer vision or biosciences. This International Conference MAMI is inherently interdisciplinary as it aims to bring together scientists working in all these fields, providing an international forum for exchanging ideas, setting questions and problems for discussion, sharing the experience and knowledge among wide community of scientists, academicians and technocrats.

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