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Keystone Symposia: Tuberculosis - Mechanisms, Pathogenesis and Treatment

17th January 2019   -   21st January 2019
Banff, Alberta, United States


The tuberculosis (TB) research and development landscape has seen many exciting breakthroughs over the past two decades. New diagnostics have emerged; innovative research has significantly reduced biological uncertainties; two novel drugs were launched; and public-private partnerships are dedicating massive efforts to dramatically shorten TB therapy, tackle resistant disease and discover new vaccines. Despite these achievements, TB remains the leading infectious disease cause of death globally. Meanwhile, shifts in funding priorities and a false sense of success could threaten the current focus and momentum, which would have catastrophic consequences. The broad themes covered in the main conference program and the three workshops will achieve the following aims: 1) To re-ignite collaborative and multidisciplinary research by bringing together experts in basic science, translational research, and drug discovery and development; 2) To bring together young brilliant minds and established investigators to encourage new discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas for strategies moving forward; and 3) To foster cross-fertilization at the interface between research and development, all aspects of which are critical if we are to tackle the TB pandemic and achieve the next innovation leap.