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VIII International Meeting of Dynamic Astronomy in Latin America and Astrodynamics Workshop

22nd October 2018   -   22nd October 2018
Tarija, Bolivia, Plurinational State of


ADeLA is a series of scientific meetings dedicated to astrometry and its applications, which have been carried out every few years in the American continent (2001 San Juan, Argentina, 2002 Araraquara, Brazil, 2004 Merida, Venezuela, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico; 2012 La Plata, Argentina, 2014 Santiago de Chile, Chile and 2016 Bogotá, Colombia). The ADeLA meetings offer a space to report new results as well as foster new research collaborations within the astrometrical community - small but very active - in Latin America, which also has ties with colleagues in the USA, Europe and Asia. An important collateral benefit is that ADeLA has become a space for astronomers in the region to learn about astrometry and what it can do in its particular field of research.