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NS Merger Training Workshop - Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources data training

12th November 2018   -   12th November 2018
Bertinoro, Italy


Multi-messenger astronomy has just entered its golden age and many detections are anticipated in the upcoming years. They will help to disentangle the micro-physics of the source and its interaction with the environment from viewing effects (geometry) and energetics, probing emission processes and the nature of compact objects (neutron stars and black holes). This workshop is thought to bring together researchers interested in dealing with the search of the electromagnetic counterparts data of GW sources and world leading experts in the field in an environment fostering interactions and exchange of ideas. The goals of the workshop are to give the interested researchers the chance to gain hands-on experience on data reduction tools for different electromagnetic instruments, to merge a broad range of topics in gravitational astronomy both from theoretical and observational point of view and to encourage post-docs and early career researchers to acquire expertise in the fascinating field of multi-messenger astrophysics emphasizing its multidisciplinary nature.