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Tercer Workshop Astronoma en los Andes

12th November 2018   -   12th November 2018
Lima, Peru


This third workshop is part of a series of events that began in 2013. The two previous events were held at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. The first in 2013 ( ) and the most recent in 2015 ( ). This series of workshops motivated the creation of the Andean Node of Astronomy, officially known as the Andean Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (ANDEAN ROAD), which brings together 20 institutions from six countries of the Andean Region (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela). The Andean Node was formally created in 2015 with the support of the International Astronomical Union and the Office of Astronomy for Development. The Andean Node has facilitated the collaboration to organize Schools of Astronomy for university students and meetings for teachers of School. The Andean Node has also been able to guide some development projects throughout the region.