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Gordon Research Conference — Origins of Solar Systems

23rd June 2019   -   28th June 2019
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, United States


The Gordon Research Conference on Origins of Solar Systems brings together a diverse group of scientists to discuss research at the frontier of understanding how planets and planetary systems form. Invited speakers from the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmochemistry, and planetary science will present their latest findings. A particular focus at this meeting will be the latest results from the Hayabusa2, Osiris-Rex, and New Horizons missions to primitive solar system bodies, exoplanet results from the TESS space telescope, and results from ground-based astronomical facilities like the Atacama Large Millimeter Array. Discussions will include how theory, spacecraft and astronomical observations, and meteoritic analyses provide complementary constraints on a range of topics, including the birth environment of the Solar System, how gas and dust may rapidly be converted into planetary bodies in disks, the origin and evolution of carbon and other volatiles in disks and the diversity of planetary system architectures and compositions in the Galaxy. The 2019 meeting will continue the tradition of past meetings by promoting cross-disciplinary conversations, and invites all attendees to present posters on their latest work. Support for early career researchers will be available.