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Gordon Research Conference — Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics

16th June 2019   -   21st June 2019
Hong Kong, China


This conference will bring together engineers, scientists, and practitioners to showcase the newest developments and discuss future directions in microfluidic technologies and their applications in complex systems, broadly defined. The topics will be wide-ranging, including chemical synthesis, separations, advanced manufacturing approaches, energy and the environment, multiphase and colloidal systems, systems biology, synthetic biology, biophysics, organs-on-a-chip, and precision medicine. The conference will consist of topical sessions and active poster sessions. The conference will be held in conjunction with an associated GRS. We will also host a "Power Hour", committed to inclusion and the professional development of women and under-represented minorities in science. This program was created to help address the challenges that women and URMs face in science and provides a forum for discussion, mentoring, and collaboration.