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Gordon Research Conference — Soft Condensed Matter Physics

11th August 2019   -   16th August 2019
Colby-Sawyer College, New London, United States


What edge? Discussions and talks at this conference will highlight soft matter at the edge of equilibrium or non-equilibrium phase transitions, or pushed to extreme conditions. They will also spotlight materials at the edge of marginality, or materials where surfaces or networks play an important role. The conference will feature talks about cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning, as well as technological innovation addressing urgent problems in energy and sustainability. While some speakers will focus on novel results in classical soft matter systems such as colloids and polymers, many will extend insights from soft matter to active and living materials, such as biological tissues and subcellular components. Conference speakers include selected leaders and junior scientists in soft matter science, with contributions from engineering, the life sciences, and industry. The open-minded atmosphere of the conference and the structure of the program, with talks, ample time for discussion, and extended time for informal activities, provides opportunities for a lively exchange of information and ideas, networking and collaboration. The conference will be preceded by a two-day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), which is a unique opportunity for young researchers to share in the GRC experience, learn about cutting edge topics in Soft Matter, and network with their peers.