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Gordon Research Conference — Quantum Sensing

2nd June 2019   -   7th June 2019
Hong Kong, China


Quantum sensing exploits quantum coherence of small systems for ultrasensitive detection, involving the initialization, control, and readout of one or a few qubits. Without requiring control of large-scale quantum systems, quantum sensing is expected to find its applications in solving realistic problems in research and even in industry, in the near future. Conceivable applications are magnetometry of small condensed matter systems, single-molecule NMR, scanning probe of single cells, imaging of neuron firing, test of fundamental laws in physics, to name a few. In the second event of this GRC series, we will focus on several important frontiers of quantum sensing, including: pushing the sensitivity to meet the requirements for single-molecule NMR, test of fundamental physics (gravitational waves, standard model and beyond, dark matter, etc.), and brain activity imaging; refining the spatial and spectral resolution towards structural analysis of single molecules; and exploring the extreme conditions such as high pressure and high temperature for the interest of condensed matter physics and material science and engineering. The research of quantum sensing will involve cross-disciplinary efforts, requiring techniques in quantum information science and materials science and technology for developing the sensors and expertise in many other fields (biology, chemistry, condensed matter physics, high-energy physics, materials science and engineering, etc.) for identifying and tackling important application challenges. This Quantum Sensing GRC pledges to bring together top experts from various fields and to form collective forces, to address the big questions in the field. We, in a city of a fantastic hybrid of eastern and western cultures, in a time that the region is fast developing into a home of innovation, are looking forward to meeting you, the world leaders and young practitioners in quantum sensing and in the fields that quantum sensing will contribute to substantially.