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Gordon Research Seminar — Quantum Control of Light and Matter

10th August 2019   -   11th August 2019
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, United States


The use of coherent control techniques to solve problems in quantum mechanical systems is a burgeoning field that crosses multiple disciplines in science and technology. The ever-widening scope of this field comes about naturally from the vast application space of the control methods that continue to be developed and refined. From nascent applications in chemical reaction control, the field of quantum control has expanded to solve problems spanning from physics and chemistry to biology. This Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) is the inaugural Seminar held in the field of quantum control of light and matter. Such Seminars provides graduate students and postdoctoral researchers a unique opportunity to share their cutting-edge, unpublished research with one another. This allows young researchers to develop their presentation skills, learn about the wide range of topics in the field, and expand their network of peers and mentors, all in a welcoming and collaborative environment. In particular, this Seminar will focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the field and seeks to draw from the wide variety of work being done on this field.