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Gordon Research Conference — Quantum Control of Light and Matter

11th August 2019   -   16th August 2019
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, United States


Quantum control uses coherent electromagnetic fields to manipulate dynamical processes at the microscopic scale in order to reach a particular target state or realize a desired evolution in time. The ultimate goal is to control complex processes at the heart of chemical reaction dynamics, quantum information science or biological functionality. Until recently, this goal was out of reach due to the overwhelmingly large number of relevant degrees of freedom, often coupled to one another and the surrounding environment. With the latest technological advances and progress in our understanding of complex systems, the boundaries of control are constantly expanding, finally allowing to tame complex quantum systems. The goal of this conference is to bring together theorists and experimentalists pushing the frontiers in this diverse field at the intersection of AMO physics, physical chemistry, quantum information science, and applied mathematics. It will highlight new avenues for quantum control from artificial intelligence all the way to neuroscience, focusing on the control of ultrafast and ultracold dynamics, many-body correlations and quantum thermodynamics, with applications in spectroscopy and imaging, nano-plasmonics and quantum technologies. Poster sessions are an essential and traditionally very lively part of the Conference on Quantum Control of Light and Matter. Every participant is encouraged to present highlights from her or his most recent, and preferably yet unpublished, work. The conference will be preceded by a two-day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) organized by and for early-career scientists. In addition to offering tutorial lectures on various aspects of quantum control, it will provide them with a unique opportunity to discuss their own research with their peers.