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DPP2018 — 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics

12th November 2018   -   17th November 2018
Kanazawa Castle, Kanazawa, Japan


AAPPS-DPP held 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics during 18-23, September 2017 in Chengdu, China successfully. AAPPS-DPP decided to organize the 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2018 in short) during 12-17, November 2018 in Kanazaw, Japan. This conference will be the annual plasma physics conference in Asia-Pacific region, similar to the APS-DPP and EPS-DPP conferences on plasma physics.   AAPPS-DPP (Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies) 2018 S. Chandrasekhar Prize Laureate will give plenary and AAPPS-DPP young research award recipients will be selected among participants. AAPPS-DPP also certifies the poster prize for significant works and presentations.

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