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Gordon Research Conference — Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy

9th June 2019 - 14th June 2019
Hong Kong, China


The 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy (3DEM) will continue its tradition of exchanging and discussing the recent technical breakthroughs and biological discoveries in the studies of biological structures. The 2019 GRC on 3DEM will be held in Hong Kong. The 3DEM on biological structures has grown from a relatively small community into a popular field since the first GRC on 3DEM in 1985. Some major technical breakthroughs in the past years have revolutionized cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) and reshaped the structural biology field. Single particle Cryo-EM has become a major structural biology tool and the 2017 Nobel Prize of Chemistry was awarded to three pioneers in the development of this field. Cryo-EM, however, still needs further development to reach it full potential in the investigation of biological structures, from individual molecules to complex tissues. With more robust sample preparation methods, more advanced hardware, and novel algorithms and software, Cryo-EM will be able to provide biological information that goes beyond static 3D structures. In the 2019 GRC, scientific oral and poster presentations will discuss the most recent technical advancements in all aspects of Cryo-EM, the applications of novel techniques leading to biological discoveries, and new concepts and ideas to further push the boundaries of 3DEM. The meeting will also provide plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the 3DEM field among senior and junior scientists, mentors and trainees, established Cryo-EM experts and new-comers, academics and industry researchers. Following the tradition of 3DEM GRC meetings, the 2019 meeting encourages participants to present recent and unpublished scientific results, in both oral and poster presentations. Two evening sessions are dedicated to selected poster presentations. Again, due to limited attendance (<200 participants) and the over-subscribed nature of previous meetings, early registration is encouraged.

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