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Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics IX

15th September 2019 - 15th September 2019
Frankfurt, Germany


Accommodation Travel information Invited speakers Participants Circular Committees Contact Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics IX Sep 15-20, 2019 - Castle Waldthausen - Frankfurt - Germany Welcome Nuclear physics is the necessary link between astronomical observations, stellar models and galactic chemical evolution. The impressive progress in astrophysics during the last decades explaining and predicting astronomical scenarios was only possible because of the fruitful interplay between all disciplines. New insights in one field triggered new developments in the other fields. New experimental techniques are typically the response to new predictions and observations. Recent success stories involve exotic objects like merging neutron stars, more abundant red giants or even rather ordinary stars as the Sun. Every two years the Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference brings together researchers from a multi-disciplinary community of experimental and theoretical nuclear physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists and cosmo-chemists to discuss the current challenges of this exciting and fast developing research field. The conference series is supported by the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society. Former conferences of this series were held in Catania (2017), York (2015), Lisbon (2013), Eilat (2011), Frascati (2009), Dresden (2007), Debrecen (2005, 2002). The 9th edition will take place at the Schloß Waldthausen, which is located about 50 km west of Frankfurt/Main close to Mainz (Germany).

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