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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

7th May 2019 - 11th May 2019
Stockholm, Sweden


Statistical mechanics provides a universal formalism to understand the behavior of a variety of complex systems on a variety of spatio-temporal scales. This conference will deal with a selection of the most recent developments and cutting edge scientific research topics within the general area of nonequilibrium statistical physics, stochastic modelling, complex networks, nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos and turbulence, disordered quantum systems and spin glasses, phase transitions and critical phenomena, and interdisciplinary applications in physics, biology, economics, and the social sciences. There will be ample opportunity for informal discussions and interdisciplinary interaction between people from different scientific backgrounds within the broad area of statistical and nonlinear physics. The conference will include a number of topical areas that represent major recent developments in the field, such as recent progress in stochastic thermodynamics, fluctuation theorems, non-equilibrium systems and entropy production, small complex systems, quantum thermodynamics, billiards and deterministic diffusion, anomalous diffusion processes, superstatistical processes, large deviation theory, long-range interactions, extreme events, multiplex and multilayer complex networks, time-evolving complex networks and their applications. The plan is to allow for a fruitful exchange of ideas between different subject areas. Possible adoption and further refinement of useful techniques of statistical physics in an interdisciplinary setting will be a major goal. In addition there will also be a special symposium session on a more applied topic: For 2019 we have chosen the topic "Statistical Physics of Power Grids", an area in which many people have recently started to work in, and where statistical physics methods can be very usefully applied to better understand the effect of renewables and trading in present and future power grids.

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