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Gordon Research Conference — Nano-Mechanical Interfaces

11th August 2019 - 16th August 2019
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China


This 4th GRC on Nano-Mechanical Interfaces in 2019 will continue the effort to address fundamentals of small-scale material systems subjected to mechanical perturbation generated by thermal, electrical, biological, chemical, or other nano-sized forces. The focus of this conference is on multiphysics and multidisplinary nature of nano-mechancial interfaces but with an emphasize on the integration of theory, experiments with modeling and design. Distinctive from previous meetings, this meeting will stress the advances in modeling and computation enabled discovery, design and fabrication of nanomatrials and systems. Of particular interest are topics on mechanics of nanomateirals and biomaterials and their experimentation and fabrication, multiphysics and multiscale behavior of architectured/meta and low-dimensional nanomaterials, machine learning for complex hierarchical materials, and thermo-, electro-, chemical-, and/or mechanical coupling in nanoscale materials and systems. Advances in these areas have found applications in sensing networks, biomedical devices, energy harvesting and storage, high performance and “smart” materials, etc., and provided novel solutions to many technologically important problems. This meeting aims to engage students, faculty and researchers from different disciplines and background, deliver a unique experience of scientific and intellectual interactions, and generate inspiration, insights and ideas by communicating cutting edge research activities at the frontier of nano-mechanical interfaces. In conjunction with this conference, a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will be offered for the first time for this series. Young researchers (students, post-docs and new faculty members) working in relevant areas are strongly encouraged to submit posters and participate in the GRS.

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