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Gordon Research Conference — Laser Diagnostics in Energy and Combustion Science

23rd June 2019 - 28th June 2019
Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Switzerland


Laser-based optical diagnostics provide critical insight into complex processes with high temporal and spatial resolution. They contribute to gains in fundamental understanding, provide validation data for modeling and simulation, and support the optimization of practical processes. A dramatic advancement of the diagnostics capabilities over the last decades has substantially contributed to improved performance of energy-related processes, including combustion – a technology that still provides the majority of the world’s energy needs. Combustion represents an intricate interaction of chemical reaction, turbulent flow, and heat transfer with a wide variety of applications. Diagnostics strategies developed for combustion are also applicable to related technologies such as process engineering, energy storage, catalytic conversion, and materials processing. Interdisciplinary discussion opportunities for knowledge transfer and the related new challenges will be an important part of this GRC. This conference will focus on the most recent scientific advances in optical diagnostics and their impact. Topics include precise and accurate measurements of species transport and temperature, chemical composition, and transient and multi-phase phenomena in gaseous and liquid flows as well as at interfaces under a wide range of conditions, including high pressure and/or temperature. Emphasis will be placed on improving sensitivity, precision, spatial resolution, and species specificity of laser diagnostics strategies. Novel laser sources, detectors, optical systems, and data analysis that lead to new diagnostics capabilities will also be discussed.

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