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ARCEBS-2018 — 4th International Conference on Application of RadiotraCers and Energetic Beams in Sciences

11th November 2018 - 17th November 2018
Ffort Raichak, Kolkata, India


ARCEBS series of conferences offer a perfect blend of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences and other interdisciplinary research areas like radioactive ion beam, superheavy elements, etc. The common link between all the subjects is either use of radiotracers, natural or artificial; or use of energetic beams. The first, second and third conferences (ARCEBS-06, ARCEBS-10, and ARCEBS-14) were organized by SINP in 2006, 2010 and 2014. All the earlier conferences in the ARCEBS series were highly successful by the participation of world leaders from all over the globe.

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