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JSI-GWPAW 2018 — Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop

1st December 2018 - 4th December 2018
College Park, Maryland, United States


This workshop focuses on the detection of gravitational-wave signals and their interpretation in the context of astronomy and astrophysics. The detection of gravitational-wave events by LIGO and Virgo, and the promising future of further detections by an enlarged detector network as well as pulsar timing array campaigns and space-based GW detectors, opens new opportunities for understanding compact objects, stellar and galactic evolution, and cosmology. For JSI-GWPAW 2018, we are planning a program with ample time for discussion and interaction, covering many of the hottest current and future topics enabled by the detection and detailed study of gravitational waves together with astrophysical modeling and other astronomical observations. Talks will be carefully selected to stimulate discussion and ideas for collaboration, and the workshop will also include tutorials on using data from different gravitational-wave detection projects. Poster presentations are encouraged, and poster presenters will be able to give 2-minute "sparkler" talks to advertise their posters.

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