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AZPP2019 — First Arizona Workshop on Precision Searches for Fundamental Physics

4th February 2019 - 6th February 2019
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States


The purpose of the workshop is to explore the potential of new, compact, and extremely sensitive experiments to address important fundamental questions, like the nature of the Dark Matter, the origin of the near-perfect time symmetry of the laws of physics, the quantum nature of reality, and others. The potential of these experiments to serve researchers in other fields of science, and the broader community, will also be explored. The workshop is open to a diverse pool of experimentalists and theorists active in the area of precision physics. Attendance is by invitation. If you would like to attend, you are welcome to contact the organizers. Direct all inquiries to Dr. Cecilia Lunardini, This workshop is Partly funded by APS - Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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