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9th September 2019 - 13th September 2019
Seville, Spain


First I would like to thank EFC for inviting us to organize the EUROCORR 2019. Spain organised a European Corrosion Congress in 1993. In that time, Prof Costa was responsible for the 10th European Corrosion Congress hold at the University of Barcelona. The theme of the Congress was “Progress in the Understanding and Prevention of Corrosion”. It has been a long time since then!.Corrosion is a Science and as such in is continually evolving. Fontana in the seventies and Heusler in the 90’s emphasized the importance of understanding the detailed reaction processes. In the XXI Century, it has to be highlighted the importance of a deep understanding of the degradation process in situ on a corroding surface that is concealed by corrosive media. In this line, and building on the successful features of previous conferences, EUROCORR’19 propose to take a step forwards on the new challenges of corrosion Science. For this, main theme of EUROCORR 2019 would be “New times, new materials, new corrosion challenges”. The congress will be held in the Barceló Renacimiento hotel in Seville, during the days 9 to 13 of September 2019. As usual, EUROCORR 2019 will seek to promote the transfer of knowledge and experience between research centres, industry and universities. As regards Spain, the “corrosionist” community has grown considerably in recent years. Universities, Research Institutes and Technological Centres have incorporated groups doing basic research or attending to the demands of the industry. We would very much like to have with the participation of our colleagues from the Ibero- American countries, where the number of research groups on corrosion has surged in recent years. In this sense, we would like to act as a bridge to ease the relationship between Latin America and Europe. SOCIEMAT, and myself, in the dual role of representative its President and a member of the “corrosionist community” together with many other colleagues from the University and research institutions as CSIC and the invaluable collaboration of Bco Congresos, will form a Local Organizing Committee. See you in Seville!

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