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Gordon Research Conference — Computational Aspects of Biomolecular NMR

9th June 2019 - 14th June 2019
Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Switzerland


NMR spectroscopy at ambient temperature and largely physiological conditions, supported by computational methods, uniquely accesses quantity, structure and motion of biomolecules, be they small biomolecules observed in mixture (metabolomics) or isolated from natural sources and too conformationally flexible to be crystallized. It further provides structural ensembles of folded or intrinsically disordered biomolecules that assemble in droplets, hydrogels and supramolecular structures. The information about the molecular components is obtained by interrogating the system with designed pulse sequences and optimized processing tools and can be complemented by other methods such as SAXS, X-ray crystallography, and cryo EM. Recent advances go from ensembles to molecular movies of biomolecules i.e. the combination of structural heterogeneity and kinetics. The program will comprise 60% invited speakers and 40% promoted talks selected from poster abstracts. Criteria for promotion for oral presentation include scientific merit, match to the meeting topics, diversity of presenters, and time of submission.

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