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ICDSST 2019 EWG-DSS 5th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology

27th May 2019 - 29th May 2019
Madeira, Portugal


The ICDSST 2019 has chosen the theme of “Decision Support Systems – Main Developments & Future Trends” in order to take the opportunity of the celebration of the “EWG-DSS 30th Anniversary“, so that the conference can make an evaluation of how the research area in DSS has substantially advanced within the last 30 years and how the EWG-DSS has helped the DSS communities to consolidate research and development in the involved co-related areas, considering its research initiatives and activities. The ICDSST 2019 aims at recapitulating the developments of the Decision Support Systems area in the last 30 years, as well as enforcing the trends and new technologies in use, so that a consensus about the appropriate steps to be taken in future DSS research work can be established.

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