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3rd National Conference on Petroleum Geomechanics

22nd January 2019   -   23rd January 2019
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Considering the rising consumption and demand for all types of hydrocarbon material including crude oil,oil and gas products,special attention have been delivered to the oil gas upstream industries. Ignoring recent scientific promotions along with developing technologies in related domains,causes drastic destructions in Iran and by continuing or emphasizing on conventional/traditional knowledge and technology,generalized financial disaster will happen. Recent years implementing petroleum geomechanics have been optimized and improved several process and operations such as drilling,enhanced oil recovery,reservoir stimulation and fracturing,well trajectory design and precise reservoir production forecasting. Experts are aware that the conferences are the appropriate space for sharing and co-thinking about the novel science and technology achievements between academic and industrial specialists to find and propose solutions for related problems. Considering petroleum geomechanics applications in upstream industries,holding third national petroleum geomechanics conference,aiming to recognizing national situation,advanced/up-to-date technologies and their application,is one of the essential needs for oil and gas industries. In this regard,third national petroleum geomechanics conference will be held by Iranian Petroleum Geomechanics Association in cooperation with Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company,Shahrood University of Technology and European Association of Geoscientist and Engineers (EAGE),on 22-23 January 2018,at Tehran,Iran