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Intensive short-course on "Energy Geostructures: Analysis and Design" - 2nd Edition

6th March 2019 - 8th March 2019
Lausanne, Switzerland


The application of environmentally friendly technologies that exploit renewable energy sources is key to follow international agreements for the development of low-carbon buildings and infrastructures. Energy geostructures are an innovative, multifunctional technology that can be used to address the aforementioned challenge. By coupling the role of the ground structures with that of the geothermal heat exchangers, energy geostructures can serve as structural supports as well as heating and cooling elements for buildings and infrastructures. The analysis and design of energy geostructures require the integrated knowledge of various aspects in the broad field of engineering. How can energy geostructures be analysed and designed from an energy point? What will be the energy performance of energy geostructures over time? How can energy geostructures be analysed and designed from a geotechnical and structural point of view? How can the coupled action of thermal and mechanical loads be considered through current standards and latest international recommendations?

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