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Gordon Research Conference — Glial Biology: Functional Interactions Among Glia and Neurons

3rd March 2019 - 8th March 2019
Ventura, CA, United States


Glial cells are essential elements within the nervous system that shape key aspects of development, function and disease. This Glial Biology GRC meeting will focus on new evidence emerging from genomic and functional studies about the specific roles of different glial cell types in the control of neural circuits and behavior, as well as disease progression and neurodegeneration. The Conference will provide a forward-looking forum where leaders in the field, trainees and scientists with a growing interest in glial biology can interact, share data and receive constructive feedback. Discussions will center on defining the key features of microglia, astrocytes and myelinating cells, as well as diversification within these major classes of glial cells. A major goal will be to explore the mechanisms that enable neuron-glia communication on timescales from milliseconds to months and the consequences of these interactions for nervous system injury and disease. Comparative analysis of glial cells in different species will be highlighted, which are helping to define the molecular underpinnings of conserved neuron-glial interactions. New technological advances will be highlighted that enable the visualization and manipulation of glia in vivo to facilitate advancement of the research goals of the attendees. The program is divided into nine sessions that range from glial control of circuit function to glial involvement in neurodegenerative disease. In conjunction with the affiliated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), trainees will have many opportunities to present their recent results, receive feedback and network with a diverse group of scientists. Interactive poster sessions will provide a forum for all participants to share the results of their research and establish cross-disciplinary collaborations.

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