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Gordon Research Conference — Cartilage Biology and Pathology

17th March 2019 - 22nd March 2019
Galveston, TX, United States


The Cartilage Biology and Pathology Gordon Research Conference is the meeting in the cartilage research field where cutting edge new research advancement at the highest level is reported. The ninth edition of the GRC on Cartilage Biology and Pathology, will be held in Galveston, Texas, in March of 2019. Two main objectives have been set: First, continue to make this conference the premier forum for excellence in cartilage research; Second, promote scientific exchange between trainees and seasoned cartilage researchers by complementing the GRC with the second GRS. To reach these objectives, we propose the following aims: 1. To continue to develop the strength and uniqueness of the conference by bringing together leading experts from cartilage research efforts. Speakers and other participants of the conference including developmental biologists, clinicians, and engineers who represent most areas of cartilage biology. This strength and uniqueness have been endorsed by most participants at previous conferences. 2. To promote a rich intellectual environment and to highlight the most recent and yet unpublished scientific, translational and clinical breakthroughs, based on which effective treatments for cartilage diseases can be made. 3. To provide a collegial and stimulating environment and opportunity for researchers across all career stages and disciplines to interact productively, share knowledge, innovative ideas, new resources and cutting-edge technologies of essence to cartilage research. 4. To engage and nurture the new generation of investigators, by preceding the conference with a GRS dedicated to and organized by trainees, and by stimulating active participation of students, postdoctoral fellows, young investigators, minorities, and women throughout the conference. In summary, it is anticipated that all participants will benefit significantly from this conference by strengthening their research abilities and establishing collaborative efforts, which together will change the currently devastating clinical reality of cartilage malformation and degeneration and drastically improve the expectancy and quality of human lives.

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