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Gordon Research Conference — Cerebellum

14th July 2019   -   19th July 2019
Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Switzerland


Since 2011, the Gordon Research Conference on the Cerebellum has been bringing together scientists studying the cerebellum from various perspectives, with the dual goals of showcasing cutting edge research and fostering dialogue. This 5th Cerebellum GRC will continue that tradition, with a particular emphasis on cross-fertilization between researchers working in several model systems and at multiple levels of analysis. The conference program has been especially designed to appeal to a diverse audience, integrating talks by scientists at different career stages and with a wide range of expertise in basic research, clinical, and translational approaches. Individual sessions will include presentations on molecular, cellular, circuit, and systems mechanisms that support a range of cerebellar functions, from motor control and learning to cognition and social behavior. By juxtaposing presentations addressing specific aspects of cerebellar function and dysfunction at multiple levels, we hope to promote a vibrant exchange of ideas that will stimulate new research, spark collaborations, and produce scientific advances that would not be possible otherwise. To further nurture that goal, space has been left in the program for late-breaking topics, including short talks from graduate students and postdocs that will be selected from the submitted abstracts. We look forward to welcoming established cerebellar researchers as well as trainees and scientists new to the field to the first Cerebellum GRC to be held in Europe.

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