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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular Membrane Biology

14th July 2019   -   19th July 2019
Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, United States


The 2019 Gordon Conference on Molecular Membrane Biology will feature the latest advances in organelle biogenesis and function, membrane traffic, and inter-organelle communication. Invited talks will cover a range of topics including membrane biogenesis, protein sorting, quality control, lipid homeostasis, organelle interactions, host-pathogen interactions at membranes, and the physical basis of membrane fission and fusion. In addition, one session will be devoted to cutting-edge imaging methods and their application to membrane biology. The conference is highly multidisciplinary, and will involve research utilizing high-throughput genetics and proteomics, structural biology, super-resolution microscopy, cryo-EM and tomography, and biophysical approaches. In addition to invited speakers, several short talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts, and interactive poster sessions will be presented throughout the meeting. Applicants are encouraged to submit a brief abstract describing their current studies and to indicate whether they wish to be considered for a talk or present a poster. For full consideration, applicants interested in presenting a short talk should submit their application by April 5, 2019. Prior to and in association with the Gordon Research Conference, there will be a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Molecular Membrane Biology for students and postdoctoral researchers. In this forum, younger researchers will have the opportunity to present their work in talks and posters and to build collaborations and informal networks with their peers prior to the arrival of senior investigators. Interested trainees can find more information below.

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