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Gordon Research Conference — Microbial Adhesion and Signal Transduction

21st July 2019   -   26th July 2019
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, United States


The 2019 Gordon Conference on Microbial Adhesion and Signal Transduction will present cutting-edge research focused on microbial adherence and how microbial interactions drive biological processes through signal transduction cascades. The Conference will feature a wide range of topics on microbe-host and microbe-microbe interactions, including signaling networks in bacteria, effects of bacteria on host signaling networks and innate immunity, interactions between microbial virulence factors and host cells, processes driving assembly of both free-living and host-associated microbial communities, and genomic and evolutionary approaches to studying microbes. In addition, new technological advances in areas such as imaging and high-throughput screening will be discussed. The Conference will bring together a collection of investigators who are at the forefront of their field, and will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work in poster format and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. Invited speakers represent researchers using a diversity of approaches to study microbe-host and microbe-microbe interactions including bacterial genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, evolutionary biology, cell biology, infection biology, imaging, ecology, biophysical analysis of cells and surfaces, and bioinformatics and genome biology. This diversity, coupled with the intimate setting and collegial atmosphere of the GRC, makes an ideal venue for interaction between scientists trained in widely different fields and serves to promote interdisciplinary collaborations.

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