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Gordon Research Conference — Mechanisms of Microbial Transcription

28th July 2019   -   2nd August 2019
Bates College, Lewiston, United States


The 2019 Mechanisms in Microbial Transcription GRC is a new conference that will focus on transcription and its regulation in microbes. Regulation of gene expression at the level of transcription is critical for the response to environmental stimuli, cell-cell communication, and development. Transcription is carried out by a molecular machine called "RNA polymerase," which is highly conserved in sequence, structure and function from bacteria to humans. Regulation of the activity of RNA polymerase is the central node and can occur at multiple steps of the transcription cycle. In recent years, research on microbial transcription has expanded rapidly due to new atomic-level structures of RNA polymerases and their respective transcription factors as well as systems-wide profiling of gene regulatory events. The paradigms that emerge from studies of transcription in microbes inform our understanding of transcription in all cells. In addition, RNA polymerase is a proven target for antimicrobial therapy. Thus, principles that emerge from investigations of RNA polymerase and its regulation in microbial systems permit development of new strategies to control microbial pathogens. This conference will be attended by a diverse group of internationally renowned investigators presenting cutting-edge research related to the central theme of microbial transcription. Attendees can expect a wide range of talks from systems-level analysis of transcription in cells to structural and single molecule studies. The meeting will also explore RNA-based control, transcriptional networks, and connections between cell topology and gene expression. We encourage junior scientists to attend this meeting, as there will be numerous opportunities to interact with established investigators, foster new collaborations, and learn the current state of the field. In addition, poster presenters will have an opportunity to highlight their posters in 1-2 slides. Short talks will be selected from the poster abstracts, giving attendees the opportunity to present within sessions. We encourage friendly exchange of ideas during the discussion sessions and stimulating scientific discourse and networking during free time and informal gatherings.

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