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Gordon Research Conference — Amygdala Function in Emotion, Cognition and Disease

4th August 2019   -   9th August 2019
Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States


The field of Amygdala research has been thriving in recent years, with noteworthy growth in our understanding of its function. This year-s meeting will continue to include research in human, non-human primate, and rodent models and will celebrate diversity in every sense. The program will feature: diverse research levels (anatomy, in vivo neural dynamics, optogenetics, chemogenetics, computation, functional imaging, molecular/genetic profiling and of course behavior), diverse functions (innate and learned behaviors ranging from fear, anxiety, reward, valence processing, social cognition, and more), and a diversity of speakers. Towards this goal, we hope to integrate the many facets of Amygdala Function and facilitate cross-pollination across subfields.

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